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A Million Dirty Secrets (Million Dollar Duet #1)(5)
Author: C.L. Parker

The seconds ticked by agonizingly. Everything seemed to move in slow motion, and I felt light-headed and dizzy. I knew that I was going to pass out at any moment if I didn’t get some oxygen to my brain, but I was holding my breath, praying that Mystery Man would come through for me and that I wouldn’t regret willing him to be the winner.

“It looks like we have a win—” Scott started, but abruptly stopped when the light above Mystery Man’s room lit up and the buzzer sounded.

I sucked in a much-needed breath, feeling my brain tingle with the life-giving sensation. My head shot toward Jabba the Hutt. I sighed in relief when he shook his head and waved his hand dismissively in the air before struggling to push out of his chair to extinguish the light on the table.

“You have a new owner, Miss Talbot,” Scott cooed, a little too close to my ear. “Why don’t you walk on over and meet your master?”

“I’m not calling him master,” I seethed, loud enough for only Scott to hear me as he forced me to step down from the platform.

“You’ll call him whatever he wants you to call him if you want the cool two million he just paid for you,” he retorted, grabbing my elbow and guiding me toward Mystery Man’s room.

“Two million dollars?” I asked, astounded. I tried to yank my elbow out of his grip because his manhandling was not part of the deal and he was really pissing me off. However, he grabbed me again, more firmly this time, and pulled me forward.

“What? Not enough? Greedy little thing, aren’t you?” Without giving me a chance to respond, he opened the glass door to Mystery Man’s room and entered with me in tow.

The odor of cigarette smoke attacked my olfactory sense, but strangely, I wasn’t repulsed.

“Miss Delaine Talbot,” Scott introduced me to the figure still shrouded in darkness. “Congratulations on your win, Mr. Crawford. I have a feeling she’ll be worth every penny.”

“Have the contract sent to my address,” a deep, sultry voice said from the shadows. The cherry on the end of his cigarette blazed and lit up his features dimly before he disappeared again. “And take your hands off my property, for Christ’s sake. I’m not paying for damaged goods.”

Scott released his hold on me immediately, and I rubbed at the spot on the back of my arm, knowing there was going to be a bruise there by morning.

“As you wish.” Scott bowed unceremoniously. “Take your time with the room, but be careful—she’s a feisty one.”

I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to do, so I just stood there awkwardly for what seemed like forever.

When I had about convinced myself that he might actually be planning on the two of us staying there for the duration of the two years, he finally sighed and butted out his cigarette. The light clicked on, momentarily blinding me, because my eyes had become accustomed to the dark. When they had adjusted again, I looked at him.

My stomach flipped, and I swear I think my heart skipped a beat … or two … maybe three.

He was gorgeous. And I was having a really hard time not ogling him. He simply sat there smirking as I took him in. He was dressed in a tailor-made suit, black on black. He wasn’t wearing a tie, and the top buttons of his shirt were undone to reveal his collarbones and a brief peek at a sculpted chest with a smattering of hair. My eyes followed the tight tendons of his neck to his prominent jaw, shadowed with the beginnings of a beard. His lips were succulent and the perfect shade of deep pink, his nose was straight and perfect, and his eyes … my God, his eyes. Never had I seen a hazel so intense and infused with so many different colors, or a man with lashes that long. His dark brown hair was cut short, longer on top with the front spiked. He was quite possibly the most beautiful man I’d ever seen.

He raised his hand and raked his long fingers through his hair. Whether it was in aggravation at my ogling or out of habit, I had no idea, but it was sexy nonetheless.

I started to question why someone who looked like him would need to go to the extreme of purchasing a companion when he could obviously have anyone he wanted. But then he opened his mouth, reminding me that this was no fairy-tale encounter and things were expected of me—things I had to do whether I wanted to or not.

“Well, let’s see if you’re worth it,” he sighed as he undid his pants and pulled out his massive cock.

I looked at him dumbfounded, because surely he didn’t expect me to lose my virginity to him in a disgusting place like that. I mean, I knew I was his property, but really?

“On your knees, Delaine, or the deal is off and you can go home with the lard-ass in the other room. He really seemed to want you,” he said with a sexy smirk while he stroked his glorious cock. “Show me your appreciation.”

Problem number one: I had never given a blow job in my entire life.




“Delaine, you’re wasting my time, and apparently my money.”

“You want me to … Here? Now?” I asked nervously.

“Did I stutter?” Mystery Man asked with a raised brow.

I sank to my knees in front of him and swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat. Thank God the floor was cold, because it wasn’t until then I noticed how insanely hot it had become in the small space. Heat rolled off me in waves, and I knew I must have looked redder than a hot iron. Deep breaths of air were vital in order to keep my nerves from making me throw up in his lap. That probably wouldn’t have gone over very well.

He sighed in aggravation, and it only made my heart beat faster. “Put my cock in your mouth, Miss Talbot.”

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