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Who I Am with You (Unexpected Heroes #1.5)(3)
Author: Melody Anne

“Aw, hell, Taylor. What’s with the attitude?”

“Oh, let’s see. Probably because you left me high and dry after you were finished getting your rocks off and leaving me with a less-than-memorable experience of having sex for the first time.”

Travis was now standing only inches from her, looking even more suave than he had six years earlier, the night he’d taken her virginity. His dark hair was cut short, military style, and she was sure his bright blue eyes were sparkling, as everything was always amusing to him. That was a trait she’d once found charming about the man. The dimple in his cheek was just one more thing that added to his charm, but Taylor wouldn’t ever be charmed by him again.

“I don’t think so, Taylor. It seems you’ve gotten that all mixed up. I wasn’t the one sober, and I certainly wasn’t the one who chased after you.”

“Go to hell, Travis, or wherever it is you run away to.”

“Nah. I’m back. And I’ve decided I don’t want to leave this time.”

His words were a clear challenge, and though she hated this man with a passion, the thundering of her heart had nothing to do with her struggles to change the tire and everything to do with the giant of a man standing before her.

As he stood in front of Taylor, Travis contemplated the conflicting emotions rolling through him. He knew this woman, had known her for the past fourteen years, and if he gave even an inch, she’d own him. And he wouldn’t allow that.

So instead of continuing their little war of words, he stared her down, thankful for the bright lights shining from his truck. When he noticed the slight droop to her shoulders as she finally relented, he almost felt bad.

Her normally pulled back long dark hair was messed, with strands sticking out in all directions, and her vivid blue eyes seemed almost listless. Still, her athletic frame and perfectly rounded breasts were as delectable as ever, but Travis couldn’t get distracted by that. This was a war between them and it was one he intended on winning.

“Why do you always have to be so difficult?” she asked, her breathless sound so unlike her.

“Because you make me go crazy.” Honesty seemed the best way to communicate with Taylor.

“We haven’t even seen each other for five years, Travis. How can I make you crazy?”

He paused as he looked into her tired eyes. It pained him to see her this way. When he found out she’d been in a wreck, he’d nearly gone out of his mind with worry, but he’d been in the Middle East and there was no way he could have come back home then.

He’d still be back there now if not for the IED that had ended his career early. But that wasn’t something he was going to think about right now, because it would take all of his concentration just to get through a simple conversation with this woman. There was one thing that Travis knew for sure, and it was that Taylor was anything but simple.

She was complicated, tenacious, and out to prove to the world that she was as good as any man. She could certainly be all woman—Travis had firsthand knowledge of that. All he had to do was close his eyes, and he could see her sitting on top of him with her silken hair cascading down over her firm breasts.

Shaking his head to clear those thoughts before he embarrassed himself, Travis again looked at her face. He could clearly see not only the fatigue but a hint of pain in her eyes, and yet he knew she wouldn’t admit to such cracks in her armor.

So instead of continuing to stand there fighting, he stepped around her and assessed the situation. “Wow. You’ve nearly gotten this changed.”

He knew she’d broken several ribs, had suffered a nearly fatal head injury, and had been in recovery at her parents’ house for the past three months. She shouldn’t be lifting a tire. Stubborn woman.

“And I will finish,” she told him, hands on her hips.

Travis didn’t bother arguing. Instead, he picked up the spare tire and fitted it on the wheel, then had it secured within a few minutes. After that, he lowered the truck, then placed the flat in the bed, all without either of them uttering a single syllable. He could see the protests in her body language, but he gave her credit for not fighting him. They both knew it would be a losing battle.

“I was just fine, Travis,” she said, but there wasn’t nearly as much bite to her words as there had been earlier.

“You need to take better care of yourself, Taylor. It doesn’t make you weak just because you have to ask for help once in a while,” he told her as he approached, boxing her in against the side of the truck.

“I ask for help when I need to.”

“No, Taylor. You don’t ask for anything you need.”

“I wanted you once, Travis. I asked for you,” she said before pausing and giving him a look that could melt butter on a freezing day. “You blew it.”

“I don’t think so, Taylor. You’re my best friend’s sister, and you were too young when you had your crush on me. I was trying to be honorable,” he said, taking yet another step closer and pressing his body against hers. “You’re all grown up now, though.” He inhaled her intoxicating scent and brushed his lips across hers.

“I don’t want you anymore,” she whispered—but her head didn’t turn and her breathlessness was contradicting her words.


With that, he decided that they’d spoken enough. He again moved his lips across hers, now more firmly, and traced her sweet flavor with his tongue. She couldn’t hold back the sigh, allowing him full access to her incredible mouth, and he deepened the kiss, knowing he was right where he should be.

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