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Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides #1)(10)
Author: Catherine Bybee

“Jacqueline,” he corrected.

“Excuse me, Jacqueline, are any different. Which one is most likely to be heartbroken?”

The honesty thing was going too far. Even if the casual trek through his personal life was lifting the edge of unease from his fiancé’s frame, he wasn’t comfortable. Samantha had tucked her feet under her bottom and was relaxed for the first time since he’d met her. The smile on her face didn’t look forced and her green eyes glistened with a spark of mischief. He would have liked to put her in this mood by something other than a discussion about his previous lovers, and previous is what they’d have to be. He thought for a moment what Vanessa and Jacqueline would say once told of his marriage. Vanessa would be prone to slapping him and walking away. Jacqueline wouldn’t be as dramatic, but continuing his relationship with her would be risky. “Both women knew about the other.”

“But which one wanted more?”

“I can’t believe my fiancé is asking me these questions.”

“Which one, Blake?”

Samantha was relentless.

“Vanessa. Though I doubt she’d seek you out. Besides, she lives in London and only visits New York for short periods of time.”

“Right, and Jacqueline lives between New York and Spain.”

The pilot’s voice sounded over the loudspeaker announcing their approach to the Nevada airport. “You’ve done your homework.” Blake moved to the seat beside to her.

“Always.” She looked proud of herself.

“You’ll inform me if either of them end up on your doorstep?”

Samantha straightened her legs and clicked her seatbelt. “You’ll be the first to know.”

The jet started to descend and Samantha glanced out the window. Between the wine and the conversation, she no longer looked like she’d run from the altar. Blake took her hand in his and felt her jump. “You might try to control that,” he suggested.

She glanced at their hands and took a deep breath. “I’m trying.”

Blake left his hand on hers and made a mental note to hold it often. Did she jump because his touch bothered her, or because she liked it? Maybe she liked it and that bothered her. Oh well, he mused, she’d have to grow used to it.

As the plane descended from the sky, and the wheels skidded on the runway, Blake watched a play of emotions cross over Samantha’s face. Her pouty pink lips that had been smiling moments ago grew into a straight line. With any other woman, he’d lean over and kiss the worry away. The unexpected desire to do just that welled inside him. How would she taste? Sweet from the wine he decided. The thought of her sexy voice whispering into his ear, encouraging him to do more than kiss her, surged to his groin. He forced his gaze away from her face and squeezed her hand.

When the pilot told them they were clear to unbuckle, Blake turned to Samantha. “Ready to get married?”

She turned her hand over and laced her fingers with his. “What the hell, I didn’t have anything better planned for today.”

Blake tossed his head back and laughed.


After a short limo ride to the newest resort hotel on the strip, Samantha stood at the altar holding Blake’s hand. He’d given her a ring to give to him and gasped when he’d slid a four-caret diamond encrusted sapphire on her finger. “For his Duchess,” he’d said. Even the minister gaped at the ring. Somewhere between the limo and the ring, Samantha realized that Blake would likely kiss her at the completion of the ceremony. Why wouldn’t he? If the lawyers questioned the minister and the witness, Blake would want them to believe that they were madly in love and eloping. So, instead of considering her marriage vows, vows neither of them planned on keeping, Sam couldn’t stop thinking about Blake’s impending kiss.

The room started to feel too warm, and her palms started to sweat. Samantha repeated her vows and listened to Blake promise to forsake all others.

“… I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

She gulped.

Although she was ready to fall into a heap on the floor, Blake was a statue of control. He wrapped one arm around her waist and dropped his gaze to hers. Grey eyes sparkled and his perfect lips pulled up at the corners.

She licked her lips and forced them to smile. Her stomach twisted as he drew her closer. Blake used his free hand to hold her cheek. He hesitated over her lips. Samantha felt the heat of his breath and let her body relax into his embrace.

Then his lips were there, moist, firm, and completely intoxicating. Electricity zapped her brain and wiggled down her body. Even in heels, she tiptoed to meet his kiss. His arm crushed her body to his, her br**sts pushed against his taut chest. She gasped and his tongue slid into her mouth.

Samantha forgot about the minister, about the strangers watching, and simply gave into the pleasure Blake Harrison evoked inside her body. It had been eons since she’d been kissed, and certainly no one compared. Maybe it was the fact that she was learning Blake’s touch after exchanging wedding vows, or maybe it was the man himself. Perhaps all Dukes kissed like him.

Someone cleared his throat and Samantha felt Blake pull away. Something close to confusion settled in his eyes. Was it possible that Blake felt that kiss as deeply as she did? She thought of the two women he’d have to give an explanation to, and decided that the kiss couldn’t have affected him nearly as much. Blake, her husband, was a player. She’d have to remember that.

“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison. If you’ll follow me and sign a couple of papers, the two of you can begin your honeymoon.” The minister ushered them from the small chapel where Samantha signed her name next to Blake’s.

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