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Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Bastard #1)(6)
Author: Christina Lauren

Not conducive, Bennett.

I flipped open my laptop to check my schedule for the day. My schedule . . . shit. The bitch had the most up-to-date version in her computer. Hopefully I wasn’t missing any meetings this morning, because I was not calling Ice Queen in here until I absolutely had to.

As I was going over a spreadsheet, a knock came at my door. “Come in,” I called out. A white envelope was slammed down onto my desk. I looked up to see Miss Mills staring down at me with a defiantly crooked eyebrow. Without an explanation, she turned and walked out of my office.

I glared at the envelope, panicked. Likely it was a formal letter detailing my conduct and indicating her intent to file a harassment suit. I expected letterhead and her scribbled signature at the bottom of the page.

What I didn’t expect was a sales receipt from an online clothing store . . . charged to the company credit card. I shot up out of the chair and raced out of my office after her. She was headed for the stairwell. Good. We were on the eighteenth floor, and nobody, besides maybe the two of us, ever used the stairs. I could scream at her all I wanted and no one would be the wiser.

The door closed with a heavy clang and her heels echoed their way down the stairs just in front of me.

“Miss Mills, where in the hell do you think you’re going?”

She continued walking without turning back to look at me. “We’re out of coffee,” she hissed. “So as your office girl, I’m going down to the café on fourteen to retrieve some. Can’t have you missing out on your caffeine fix.”

How could someone so hot be such a bitch? I caught up to her on the landing between floors and grabbed her arm, pushing her against the wall. Her eyes narrowed contemptuously at me, her teeth clenched in a hiss. I whipped the receipt up in front of her face as I glared back at her. “What is this?”

She shook her head. “You know, for such a pompous know-it-all, you really are a stupid son of a bitch sometimes. What does it look like? It’s a receipt.”

“I can see that,” I growled through my teeth, crumpling the paper into my clenched fist. I pressed the sharp tip of it into the delicate skin just above her breast and felt my c**k twitch when she gasped and her eyes dilated. “Why are you making clothing purchases on your company credit card?”

“Some bastard tore my blouse.” She shrugged her shoulders and then leaned her face closer to me and whispered, “And my panties.”

Well, f**k.

I took a deep breath through my nose and threw the paper to the floor, leaning forward and pressing my lips against hers and digging my fingers into her hair, pinning her body against the wall. My dick throbbed against her abdomen as I felt her hand mirror my own and grip my hair, fisting it roughly.

I pulled her dress up along her thighs and groaned into her mouth as my fingers once again found the lace edge of her thigh highs. She did this to torment me, she had to. I felt her tongue run over my lips as my fingertips brushed the warm and wet material of her panties. I clenched my hold around the fabric and gave it a rough tug.

“Make a note to order another pair then,” I hissed and then pressed my tongue between her lips and into her mouth.

She groaned deeply as I thrust two fingers inside of her, and if it was possible, she was even wetter than she’d been last night. Seriously f**ked-up situation we have going on here. She broke away from my lips with a gasp as I f**ked her hard with my fingers, my thumb rubbing vigorous circles on her clit.

“Get your c**k out,” she said. “I need to feel you in me. Now.”

I narrowed my eyes at her, trying to hide the effect her words had on me.

“Say please, Miss Mills.”

“Now,” she said more urgently.

“Bossy much?”

She gave me a look that would shrivel the dick off a lesser man and I laughed in spite of myself. Mills could hold her own. “Good thing I’m feeling generous.”

I made quick work of my belt and pants before lifting her up and thrusting hard inside her. Christ, she felt amazing. Better than anything. It helped explain why I couldn’t get her out of my head, and a small voice told me I might never get enough of this.

“Damn,” I mumbled.

She gasped and I felt her clench around me, her breath ragged. She bit into the shoulder of my jacket and wrapped her leg around me as I began moving into her hard and fast against the wall. Any moment someone could enter the stairwell and catch me f**king her, and I couldn’t care less. I needed to get her out of my system.

She lifted her head from my shoulder and bit her way up my neck before taking my bottom lip between her teeth.

“Close,” she growled and tightened her leg around me to pull me deeper. “I’m close.”


I buried my face in her neck and hair to muffle the groan as I came hard and suddenly inside her, squeezing her ass in my hands. Pulling out before she could rub herself against me anymore, I put her down on unsteady legs.

She gaped at me, her look thunderous. The stairwell filled with a leaden silence.

“Really?” she said, exhaling loudly. Her head fell back against the wall with a dull thud.

“Thanks, that was fantastic.” I found my pants down around my knees.

“You’re an ass**le.”

“You’ve mentioned this,” I murmured, looking down as I pulled up my zipper.

When I looked back up, she had straightened her dress, but she still looked beautifully disheveled, and part of me ached to reach forward and slide my hand against her, to make her come. But a larger part of me relished the angry dissatisfaction in her eyes. “What goes around comes around, so to speak.”

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