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The Billionaire Falls (Billionaire Bachelors #3)(5)
Author: Melody Anne

The water was cascading down his muscled chest and arms. He was so dark, from all the time he spent outside and Mark was far more fit than any guy who spent hours in the gym. His hair was a little on the longer side and she found herself wanting to run her fingers through the wet strands. The waistband of his shorts were riding low, showing her the trail of hair that led past his navel. She noticed where her eyes had strayed and instantly looked away from him, praying no one else had been watching her reaction to her boss.

“Hey, you guys aren’t allowed to start without us,” Amy scolded the boys. She ran over and jumped off the side of the pool, making a huge splash with a perfectly executed cannonball.

“That’s called cheating when you try and blind your opponent,” Lucas said, before grabbing her up in a searing kiss. Emily could swear she saw steam rising up off the water as the two of them embraced.

“Hey I don’t mind scratching this whole game and heading in, if you guys are too busy to play,” Alex said to Lucas and Amy, before he turned and leered at his curvy wife in her tiny bikini.

“No chance,” Jessica replied. She then grabbed Emily’s hand and pulled her into the pool with her.

Emily came out of the water coughing up water. Suddenly there was a hand pounding on her back. “Are you okay?” Mark asked her, standing far too close for her hormonal body. The feel of his hand on her bare skin was extremely pleasant.

“I’m fine, I just wasn’t expecting that and forgot to plug my nose,” she coughed out.

“I’m so sorry,” Jessica said with real concern.

“I’m fine, I promise. Let’s play,” Emily said. She really didn’t like to be the center of attention in any setting, let alone when she was in a bikini in front of a very virile man, scratch that, several virile men.

There were some of the ranch hands and their girlfriends playing against the siblings and their spouses. It was a couple palooza and Emily was a bit uncomfortable when she realized she was Mark’s partner. She hoped he didn’t think she was trying to win him over.

Emily soon forgot about her concerns and lost herself in the game. The brothers were competitive but a blast to be with as well. They made sure to sneak in several kisses with their wives and were constantly cracking jokes or laughing about something.

The ball was coming directly towards Emily and she made a dive to save it before it landed on the water. She wasn’t looking where she was going and suddenly slammed into the rock hard chest of Mark. His arms automatically encircled her to keep her from falling. She looked up to thank him and their eyes locked onto each other.

She couldn’t pull away from him, no matter how much her brain was telling her to laugh and thank him and then let go. He had the most mesmerizing blue eyes she’d ever seen. She automatically started swaying towards him, forgetting anyone else was near them.

Mark bent his head down and hungrily took her lips and pulled her tightly against him. His arms wrapped around her bare waist and he pushed her against his now bulging erection. Suddenly a splash came over the top of both their heads, making Emily choke a little bit. Mark jerked back, about to kill someone, when he noticed all eyes around the pool were on him and Emily. He looked back at her face and saw the dawning horror in her eyes.

He could practically read her thoughts. He’d barely met the woman but her face was an open book for anyone who wanted to read it. Her already flushed cheeks became a becoming shade of dark red and she scooted back from him, like he had the plague or something.

Mark was trying to figure out what to say to possibly make the situation better, when his brother decided to help him. “Geese Mark, can you quit manhandling the poor girl. I know the water is a bit chilly but there are other ways to warm up, like actually playing the game.”

“Look who’s talking,” Mark spouted back and then all the men started a huge water fight. The women ran for cover and climbed out of the pool. Emily was mortified and was trying to think of the best way to escape, without it looking like an actual escape.

“Seriously, I know you’re a bit embarrassed by the kiss but these guys aren’t easy to resist. Just know each of us have been there and no one’s thinking anything, except that’s one lucky girl,” Amy said to her.

Emily gave her a crooked smile of thanks and decided maybe Amy was right and no one really paid that much attention. Besides, they’d been in the water and pretty much covered up. She wrapped a towel tightly around herself and decided to forget about the whole thing.

“I thought you said you weren’t interested,” Alex teased Mark.

“I didn’t mean for that to happen. Hell, I don’t know what happened,” Mark said, a little dazedly.

“I guess you would take exception to me setting her up then?” Alex added.

Mark just growled at him before walking away. Lucas and Alex smiled at each other. They both understood the pain their brother was going through. They’d fought their attraction to their wives, although looking back; they realized what idiots they had been. Those women were the best things that ever happened to them.

Everyone got changed from their wet clothes and most of the guests started heading out. Mark stoked the fire and the family sat together, telling stories until the early hours of the morning. Emily tried to excuse herself, to let the family have time together but Jessica and Amy had decided she was their new best friend and insisted she stay.

She didn’t fight them too hard. She was having an amazing time herself and didn’t want to go up to her room all alone.

“I need to get some sleep,” Lucas finally said and then waggled his eyes at Amy. Emily could feel the slight blush returning to her face. She knew he really wanted to get his wife alone. Jessica and Alex soon followed them and suddenly Emily found herself alone with Mark.

The fire had died down to mainly embers and it was barely light enough to see his shadowed face. “I better get some sleep,” she said and forced a yawn out. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to sleep for a while, being so wound up.

Mark placed his hand on her arm when she tried to get up. She sat there, not knowing what to say.

“Emily I’m really sorry about what happened in the pool. Seriously, I don’t usually grab women and make out with them in front of my whole family,” he said while running his hand through his messed up hair.

Her hand was itching to smooth his hair back into place but she managed to tuck both hands under her thighs. “It’s no problem. It’s not like I wasn’t a willing participant but I’m sorry too. Honestly I don’t usually do that myself,” she said, still a bit horrified with herself.

“Okay we’re both sorry,” he said and then smiled. The man should be registered as a lethal weapon so women could be forewarned.

“So we’re friends right?” he asked her.

“Yes, of course,” she replied, finally feeling the pressure in her chest start to ease.

“Good,” he said. “Want to see something really cool?” he asked.


He grabbed her hand and started leading her towards the barn. She figured he would let go but he kept holding on and she didn’t have the will power to pull away. She’d noticed his entire family were all touchy feely people, so she told herself not to read too much into the gesture.

“My favorite mare is about to give birth. There’s nothing more miraculous and beautiful as that,” he told her excitedly.

Emily found herself eager to see the new foal. They got to the barn and heard some pained noises. Emily looked up in concern, “is she okay?”

“She’s fine. I’ve been checking on her the past couple of days and the vet has been looking over her. Everything is on schedule and the foal is in the right position. Giving birth still hurts though.”

“Yes it does,” she agreed emphatically.

“I guess you would know more than me,” he said with a sheepish shrug.

Emily laughed and then quieted as they approached the stall with the laboring horse. She was beautiful, with a dark brown, shining coat and a bulging belly.

“How you doing girl?” Mark spoke softly to the mare.

She seemed to role her eyes at the clueless man, or that’s what Emily liked to believe. She remembered when she was giving birth and the doctors had asked how she was doing. She’d wanted to punch them as hard as she could and then ask them the same thing. Guys didn’t have a clue.

“You’re a pretty girl,” Emily softly said to her, while gently rubbing her nose. The mare neighed a bit at her as if to say ‘at least you understand’ and then went back to ignoring them both.

Emily had no idea how much time they spent there but when the sky started to lighten, the mare finally pushed the new foal out of her body, along with some help from Mark. She looked at him, sitting there on the floor, with the gangly baby in his lap and felt her heart pounding. He was covered in dirt and blood and still irresistible.

Once the whole ordeal was over, she realized how exhausted she was. The sun was coming over the hill and she figured she’d better try to get a few hours of sleep.

“Thanks for sharing this with me. It really was amazing,” she whispered to him. She didn’t want to startle the new horse, so she was talking and moving quietly.

“Thanks for keeping me company. I didn’t mean to keep you up all night.”

“It was well worth it,” she responded honestly.

Mark was busy making sure the new horse was healthy, so Emily slipped out of the barn and headed back towards the house. She lay down and her last thoughts before finally succumbing to exhaustion were about her new employer. She knew she was going to have a problem keeping her distance.

Chapter Three

Emily slowly rolled over and realized it was one in the afternoon. She jerked upright in bed, trying to wipe the sleep from her eyes. She couldn’t believe how long she’d slept. She was always up early to make sure her son was okay.

She took a two minute shower, dressed and ran down the stairs. She was incredibly worried about her son. He may have gotten scared when he woke up and his mom wasn’t there.

She came running around the corner, into the dining room, where she found her son sitting with all the other kids, Mark and his siblings. All the adults looked like they hadn’t been up too long.

“Mom did you know a baby horse was born this morning and as soon as we are done eating our lunch Mark is going to take me down to see her,” he practically squealed at her.

“I did know. I got to watch her be born. I’m so sorry I wasn’t awake with you this morning,” she apologized to her son.

“It’s okay mom, I didn’t know you weren’t awake. We’ve been playing all day long,” Trevor told her.

Emily was relieved he’d been okay that morning but a little saddened he didn’t seem to need her so much, the older he got. She covered her disappointed look by going over to the table and grabbing some sandwich fixings.

“I’m sorry I didn’t make you breakfast,” she said, feeling guilty she hadn’t prepared a meal.

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