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The Billionaire Falls (Billionaire Bachelors #3)(9)
Author: Melody Anne

She didn’t have time to feel sorry for herself though, because Mark had started the propellers and she was focused on nothing but her fear. As the helicopter started to rise straight up in the air, she was once again holding her breath. The higher up they got, the more she started sweating.

She couldn’t believe she’d let them talk her into this. She was thinking about demanding to be put back on solid ground, when they shot out across the countryside.

“Wow Mark, this is the coolest thing ever,” she heard her son say into the microphone.

“The first time up is the greatest but it’s still pretty cool even after hundreds of times,” Mark said. She saw him reach over and ruffle Trevor’s hair.

“Mom’s just silly. There’s nothing to be scared of,” Trevor said bravely.

“Careful young man, your Mom can hear us,” Mark said and then looked back at her and winked. She was more horrified he’d looked away from the front window than by anything they were saying.

“Sorry Mom.”

“It’s okay, you’re just braver than your Mom,” she replied with pride.

“That’s okay Mom. Guys are supposed to take care of their special women,” Trevor said in all seriousness.

Emily was so proud of her son. He really was growing up fast. He was already a gentleman. She knew there wouldn’t be a lady out there who would ever be good enough for him.

Emily finally realized while she’d been talking to Trevor her fear had started to dissipate and she was even looking around at the scenery below her. She was shocked to find she was starting to enjoy the thrill of being so high up and yet close enough to see all the buildings and fields.

There was no way she was going to admit to Mark she was starting to enjoy the ride though. The man was right far too often and she refused to give him yet another victory. She sat back and enjoyed looking out the window and listening to Mark and Trevor talk back and forth.

Before the ride had barely started, they were making their decent. “Is something wrong?” she asked with concern.

“We’ve arrived at my dad’s,” Mark said.

“That really was fast,” she replied.

“We’ve been in the air about thirty minutes. I told you I was taking the scenic route,” he said smugly. She glared at the back of his head. He sounded far too smug. Well he could think she enjoyed the ride but she wouldn’t confirm it to him. That comforted her somewhat.

She looked over the lands as they were approaching and was once again awestruck. The house that sat centered made Mark’s place look small. It seemed like a castle, with its rising towers and brick exterior. She looked around, expecting to see a moat and drawbridge. She found herself giggling at the image. Mark was most certainly a man she could imagine rescuing the princess from a tower.

When she thought of money before, she pictured her ex in-laws who weren’t good in any shape or form. They used their money to lord over other people and look down on the masses. But they’d be considered poor compared to the Anderson’s.

They landed smoothly, much to Emily’s relief and Mark turned the chopper off. They all climbed out and headed towards the mansion. Joseph came out to greet them about half-way there.

“Hi Little Man, did you enjoy the ride?” Joseph asked.

“It was the funnest thing ever,” Trevor exclaimed.

“Most fun,” Emily automatically corrected her son.

“Ah Mom,” Trevor complained. She let it go.

“Do you want some breakfast before you head off to your new school?” Joseph asked.

“Sure,” he said and followed Joseph up to the house, with Emily and Mark right behind them.

“How did you enjoy the ride?” Joseph asked Emily.

“It was fine.”

“She was scared,” Trevor piped in.

Joseph chuckled, as Emily’s face turned red at her son’s statement. “It’s okay young lady, my son is a bit scary.”

“Thanks dad,” Mark said with a smile.

“You and your brothers would upset your mom all the time with your daredevil ways. I don’t think she got a full nights rest all the years you were growing up.”

“Well who taught us those dangerous things?” Mark asked, with a pointed look.

“There’s no use in pointing fingers,” he grumbled and then decided to change the subject.

They had a wonderful breakfast at the house and then headed over to the school to get Trevor registered. Emily was pleasantly surprised by the place. It was large but not overwhelmingly so and the staff was friendly. Not one of them seemed to look down on her or her son. If she would’ve felt any of them judging her or Trevor, she would’ve marched right back out the front doors.

When they got to Trevor’s classroom, Jasmine came running around the corner. “You’re finally here,” she said and gave Trevor a big hug.

“I got to fly with Mark.”

“Oh that’s so fun,” she agreed. They both chatted back and forth, faster than Emily could keep up.

“Mrs. Parson, this is my cousin Trevor,” Jasmine said and dragged him over to the teacher.

Emily stopped what she was doing and looked guiltily over at Mark, who hadn’t even seemed to notice anything was wrong. Lucas was chatting with his brother and neither of them made the slightest indication they’d heard anything. She was grateful. She would have to pull Trevor aside later and explain to him Mark was just their boss and they weren’t related to Jasmine. How did you break a young man’s heart though? Maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal but she didn’t want her son to think they were a family and going to live together forever. What would happen to him if they had to move? It would break his heart.

She would have to think about what she was doing and what was best for her son. She didn’t want to leave but she better make sure Trevor knew Mark was the employer and not a substitute father.

They visited the school for a few hours and got Trevor signed up and Emily was feeling pretty good about letting him attend. They did have some amazing programs she knew he wouldn’t get from a public school. The field trips alone were spectacular. She’d definitely volunteer to chaperone. She hadn’t been to any of the places they talked about.

“We are going school shopping now; please tell me you can come with us?” Amy asked her, as they were heading out of the school.

“I guess that’s up to Mark,” Emily said and looked over at him.

“Well in that case, it’s a definite yes,” Amy said, as she dragged Emily behind her. “Let’s take our car so we can chat and let the guys do all the driving,” she added enthusiastically.

Emily had an incredible day. She purchased new clothes and school supplies for Trevor and enjoyed lunch at Chuck E Cheese pizza, watching the guys compete with the kids in the games. She laughed so much that by the end of the day her stomach hurt a bit.

“I’m so glad the kids are going to the same school. We’ll have to chaperone together so we can see each other all the time,” Amy said, as they were getting ready to leave.

“I was already thinking I would love to chaperone those field trips. I’ll be more excited to go to the places than Trevor will be,” Emily added shyly.

“Me too,” Amy exclaimed. “These guys are used to all this fun stuff but I still can’t get enough of the amazing world around me,” she added.

Emily loved how much she and Amy had in common. It gave her hope to see someone who had so much, be so sweet and genuinely great to be around.

“I will see you soon,” Emily said and hugged Amy goodbye. She knew if for some reason her employment with Mark ended she and Amy would continue to be friends.

By the time they got back to the ranch, the sun was starting to set. Trevor was rubbing his eyes and Mark carried him up to his room. Emily quickly got him ready for bed and then barely managed to drag herself to her room. It had been a wonderful day and she felt her life was finally starting to be normal. It was a great feeling.

“Mom, I’m leaving now,” Trevor said, snapping her out of her daydreaming.

“Sorry Trevor, I lost track of time,” she apologized. She gave him a big kiss and walked out the front door with him. She watched him climb in the car with Edward. Emily waved and stood watching them drive away until they were out of sight.

It was Trevor’s second week at his school and he couldn’t wait to get out the door each morning. He loved the place so much and always came home telling her the amazing things he’d done.

She still felt a little bit guilty over the exorbitant cost of the school’s tuition, so she worked from morning until night, making sure the house was spotless and the meals were incredible.

She headed inside and finished making breakfast for all the hands. They’d started coming in earlier each day and were usually there about an hour before the actual meal was ready. She loved to talk with them and started preparing some fruit and breads the night before so they had things to munch on while waiting on their hot food.

“Emily I think I’ve gained ten pounds since you became our cook. Pretty soon I’m not going to be able to button my Wranglers anymore,” one of her favorite ranch hands said. He leaned back in his chair and groaned.

“I don’t think you could gain a single pound with how hard you work. You need your fuel for the day.”

“I think I’m in love with you,” John said and gave her an adoring smile.

“You’re in love with my cooking skills.”

“Come on Emily, run away with me,” he teased her.

“John, don’t make me call your Mom. She wouldn’t be happy to hear her eighteen year old son was hitting on an older woman,” she teased.

“Heck she would tell me how smart I was,” he replied.

“John don’t make me put you on muck duty all day,” Mark said, as he entered the room. He ruffled John’s hair showing how fond he was of the boy.

“I’m trying to convince Emily to run away with me. She’s being stubborn though,” John said, with a full blown grin at Mark and then Emily.

“If anyone tries to convince Emily to run away with them, it would be me,” Mark said in a teasing voice but also with a serious look in his eyes.

“Okay no more chocolate muffins for you guys in the morning. It makes you all too rowdy. Now go get to work,” Emily said and pushed all the men out of the kitchen. “I will see you at lunch.”

She watched the men fondly as they made their way towards the barn. She cleaned up the kitchen and started her prep work for their lunch. She loved the huge country kitchen and couldn’t imagine ever getting bored working her magic in it.

Even more, she loved to cook for people who appreciated her food so much. It wasn’t as fun to prepare meals only for yourself and a toddler.

She was also well used to the men flirting with her. She knew it was all harmless but it was good for her ego. If any of them flirted a little beyond what she thought was appropriate, she quickly put them in their place and things went back to normal.

There was a new guy though who Mark had hired a couple of weeks after she’d started who gave her the creeps. He never talked to her but she would find him leering at her every once in a while. She was sure she just had an over exaggerated imagination.

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