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Billionaire Unmasked ~ Jason (Billionaire's Obsession #6)(5)
Author: J.S. Scott

“Welcome to the world of excessive partying,” Jason answered mildly. “You need to go back to sleep. It’s the best thing for you right now.” He popped another piece of bread into her mouth.

Hope lifted her hand to indicate she’d had enough of the toast. Jason took the tray. “Finish the Gatorade. You’re probably dehydrated.” He left the bedroom, obviously to get rid of the tray.

Hope sipped slowly at the drink; her headache started to ease. As she looked around the mammoth, luxurious bedroom, she wondered what hotel he was staying at in Vegas. It was quite a place, and it didn’t have the feel of even an upscale hotel.

The clock next to her bed read around seven a.m. “My flight,” she murmured, alarmed. She had an early flight out of Vegas.

“Canceled,” Jason said gruffly as he strolled back into the bedroom, looking completely at ease with being nearly naked.

A guy like him doesn’t need to be self-conscious.

Jason was an earthbound Adonis, and just as overwhelmingly heart-stopping as the mythological figure was depicted to be.

“You canceled my flight?” she asked, astonished.

Jason replied ironically, “It certainly wasn’t looking like you were going to be on it. They don’t let excessively drunk people fly on commercial aircrafts,” he answered noncommittally. “Sleep, Hope.”

She drained the bottle of Gatorade and set it lightly on the nightstand, wishing she was certain she could make it to the kitchen to throw it in the trash, but she wasn’t positive she could walk that far. Her eyes were heavy, and her head still ached. “I feel miserable. I’m sorry you got stuck taking care of me.” She hated that she’d gotten so out of control that Jason had needed to babysit her. Apparently, she was staying with him, and he even slept in the same bed to watch out for her. Evidently, he didn’t bother with pajamas. Maybe he actually slept in the nude, and he was being considerate by donning his briefs. She swallowed nervously at that thought as she tried not to picture his incredible, naked body deliciously tangled up in sheets while he was sleeping.

Jason slid into the bed and pulled her compliant body against his side, resting her head on his shoulder. “You’ll feel better when you wake up.” He paused before he added teasingly, “Maybe you won’t snore this time.”

“Did I snore?” Hope was mortified.

“You did. But it’s kind of erotic,” he answered. “Sort of like a loud, purring cat.”

“I was drunk,” she answered, disgruntled. Her eyes drifted closed.

Jason’s soft chuckle was the last thing she heard before she floated back to sleep.

Hope woke up more aware of her surroundings, the ache in her head only a dull pain. Her nausea had calmed down and she was thirsty.

Jason’s side of the bed was empty, the indented pillow the only indication that she hadn’t had some wild dream about him being here earlier.

Three p.m.

The clock on the nightstand indicated that she’d slept the day away. “Holy shit,” she whispered, still disoriented. She must have been completely wasted, although she couldn’t remember how many drinks she’d had. Obviously too many! Her feet met the plush carpet as she slipped out of the bed, making her sigh quietly, nervously. How had she gotten herself so messed up? She went to the bathroom and drank some more water. As she entered the room again, she noticed her luggage stacked in a corner of the bedroom.

How did it get here? Had Jason needed to check her out of her room, and brought her and her luggage back to wherever he was staying?

She cringed as she saw her large portfolio next to her suitcase. Damning evidence. Was it possible he hadn’t noticed?

Hope startled as she felt a familiar sensation: her feline brushed against her bare legs as Daisy moved around Hope in a welcoming circle. “Daisy?” She picked up her cat automatically.

What. The. Hell?

She opened the bedroom door and looked around at what she belatedly realized was definitely no hotel suite. Petting Daisy nervously, she walked down the hall, to a spacious living room with a fireplace and wooden beams that spanned a tall, cathedral ceiling off to the left. To the right was a beautiful cook’s kitchen, with hanging copper pots and gleaming granite countertops.

“Incredible,” she murmured. How had Jason scored a place like this in Las Vegas, even if he was a billionaire? He had to be staying off the Strip or outside of the city.

“You okay?” Jason rumbled from a recliner in the living room.

Hope hadn’t seen him. She’d been too busy looking up at the ceiling. “Yeah. I think so.” He looked good enough to eat in a pair of jeans and a buttoned-down shirt that matched his glorious blue eyes. “What are you doing? Where are we?”

Jason stood. “I was waiting for you to wake up.” He tossed aside the laptop he’d been using and set it on the chair as he got up.

“I’m so sorry this happened. I never get drunk. I’m sorry you had to take care of me last night. I’ll just shower and get out of your way. I’ll catch the first flight I can get to Aspen.”

“Not just last night,” Jason informed her nonchalantly. “Hope, we met up two days ago at about this time.”

“T-Two days?” she stammered. Impossible. “Oh, God. I have to get back to Colorado.” She set Daisy on the floor shakily.

“You are back.” Jason moved across the room to stand in front of her.

“In Aspen?”

“Rocky Springs,” he answered abruptly.

Rocky Springs? Hope knew of the decadent, lush resort town, but she’d never been there. “Why am I here? Why is Daisy here?”

Jason shrugged. “My business was finished in Las Vegas. And the cat was brought here because I wasn’t sure if anyone was taking care of her because you were delayed. The Colters, the family who owns this property, are friends. I had some business to discuss with Tate Colter, so I brought you with me.”

She’d heard about the Colters. Everyone in Colorado knew about the obscenely rich family who owned just about everything in this area. “Okay.” Hope blew out a pensive breath. “That will make it easier, I guess. At least I’m back. I take it I have you to thank for bringing me back to Colorado.” He’d obviously hoisted her onto his private jet. She’d put him to enough trouble. It would be easy for her to get back to Aspen. “If you don’t mind, I’ll grab a shower and get out of your hair. I’m sure I can rent a car in town, but I might need a ride there.” She turned on her heel to retreat, mortified that she’d lost so much control that she didn’t remember two whole days out of her life.

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