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Touch Me (One Night with Sole Regret #4)(9)
Author: Olivia Cunning

Owen’s jaw dropped and for the first time, Caitlyn saw the smooth operator take a hike off a cliff and fall fast and hard.

“Um,” Owen said, “I’ve never done anything like that.”

“They have strap-ons in the gift shop,” Kellen said helpfully. “Big, thick ones, so be sure to use plenty of lube.”

“Is that what you meant?” Owen said. “You want to tie me down and f**k me in the ass?”

Her face felt like it was on fire, but she said, “Yeah, that’s what I meant.” There was no way he was going to go for it. She was going catch him in a lie. All men were lying bastards. They only managed to get her hopes up, say they were going to do something, but never followed through.

“Well, okay then,” he said, “but promise you’ll be gentle. I’m a virgin back there.”

And now Caitlyn was the one whose jaw was on the floor.

Kellen slid out of the booth. “Let’s get going. I don’t want to sit around here all night waiting for him to get his rocks off. I’m tired of being a slave to his libido.”

“You didn’t have to accompany me,” Owen said. “I could have come alone.”

“Then you wouldn’t have come at all,” Kellen returned, “and I’d have had to listen to you bitch about how much fun you would have had if you’d gone out. And how I’m no fun anymore. And how you should think about getting yourself a new best friend. One who is as insatiably perverted as you are.”

“I don’t bitch. And I don’t want a new best friend, even an insatiably perverted one. You used to be insatiably perverted. Remember?”

“Nope. Don’t recollect that,” Kellen said. “Get out of the booth, Owen. I haven’t tied anyone up in months, you know.”

“Why are you so anxious to tie me up?”

“Because you’re being an incredible pain in my ass, so maybe if you experience a little pain in yours, you’ll stop tormenting me all the time. Now move. If you annoy me, I might find myself out of practice and pull certain ropes too tight. If I were you, I wouldn’t drag my feet too much.”

“I’m not dragging my feet. And you wouldn’t be in such a bad mood if you’d—” He cut himself off and tore his gaze from his friend to look at Caitlyn.

“Are you really going to go through with this?” Caitlyn asked when she was finally able to retrieve her mandible from the floor.

“I said I’m game for anything. I meant that.” His tone was surprisingly calm.

“Owen doesn’t f**k around,” Kellen said. “Well, yeah, he always f**ks around, but when it comes to kink, he’s all in. Trust me, he’s been subjected to far kinkier things than what you’re proposing.”

No shit? Based on her limited exposure to what went on outside her own bedroom walls, she couldn’t think of anything kinkier than screwing a man. To let him know what it felt like to be invaded. Overpowered. Taken. Not because she didn’t enjoy being on the receiving end. She loved being filled. Overwhelmed. Fucked. But she had always wondered what it would be like if the roles were reversed. Caitlyn hadn’t ever mentioned her fantasy to her ex-husband because she’d known he’d never try something so daring. His favorite kinky act was f**king on his desk during office hours. And he didn’t seem to discriminate when it came to his partner. Caitlyn scowled at her thoughts.

“We’d better hurry,” Owen said to Kellen. “She’s giving off those men-suck vibes again.”

“I’m glad it’s not my ass she’s about to take them out on,” Kellen said and started walking toward the stairs that led to the basement.

Owen slid out of the booth and offered Caitlyn his hand. As she stared up at him, she was taken by how attractive he was. She really shouldn’t take out her anger toward Charles on him. “I’m sorry, Owen. You don’t have to go through with this.”

“Baby, I want to go through with it,” he said. “I love experimenting in the bedroom, and though I thought I’d tried just about every sex act, I’ve never done that. You have my complete attention, beautiful.” He smiled reassuringly.

She took his hand and slipped from the booth. “I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” she said under her breath. And she really couldn’t believe how much she wanted to.

Chapter Three

Out of the corner of his eye, Owen watched Caitlyn examine strap-on dildos. He wasn’t going to interfere with her selection, but he was silently praying that she chose something small. Very small. As in so small it was invisible.

Kelly was purchasing rope and sniggering every time his gaze landed on Owen. Bastard. Would a true friend find this situation that f**king hilarious? Owen grinned. Yeah, totally. If Kelly had been the one about to be taken by a complete novice, Owen would laugh at him until he puked.

“Anything here you want me to try out on you?” Owen asked Caitlyn, sidling toward a collection of vibrators and clit stimulators.

“Maybe later,” she said. She took the biggest, blackest dildo down from the shelf and tested its firmness by bending it slightly. “Midnight Power Hammer,” she said. “I like it. It has some meat to it.”

Owen winced.

“Since you’re a virgin,” Caitlyn said, “I think we should go with something huge and hard. What do you think?” She glanced up at him, her soft brown eyes inquisitive.

Owen felt the blood drain out of his face before he noticed the corner of her mouth quirk as she tried to maintain her composure. She had an ornery streak. He enjoyed that about her immensely. There was no arguing that she was a stunning woman. That had been what had attracted him at first. He loved her thick, long dark hair that fell in gentle waves almost to her waist. Her inquisitive brown eyes scrutinized her surroundings, which gave him the impression that she was intelligent. He appreciated a woman with a strong mind. He also appreciated a woman with a strong body, and Caitlyn had a body that wouldn’t quit. The fact that she was a bit older than he was and yet maintained a youthful wit had him over the moon with excitement. This woman was exactly his type. So what if she was a little kinky. He liked kinky. Especially when it took him out of his comfort zone.

Plus, he couldn’t resist a woman who gave as much bullshit as he did. But two could play at her game.

“Yeah,” he said breathlessly. “Why settle for one cock? You should get two of them and shove them both up there at the same time.”

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