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Take Me to Paradise (Sinners on Tour #6.1)(10)
Author: Olivia Cunning

His lips tasted of champagne when she kissed him briefly, but she pulled away before she got lost in him again. “I’ll be right back,” she promised and returned to the bedroom to find her clothes. She needed to talk to the concierge before the hour grew too late so she could plan a perfect day for her perfect husband.

“Where are you going?” Brian said as he entered the room behind her. “I thought we were watching the sunset.”

Not bothering with underclothes, she pulled a pale blue sundress over her head and presented her back to Brian so he’d zip her up. “We were, but it’s over.”

As he slowly tugged her zipper up the back of her sundress. “Oh. I was too wrapped up in you to notice.”

Damn, the man said the most knee-weakening things. She was never going to be able to outdo him in the romance department, but she was going to try on their honeymoon, by God. “I’ll be back soon. I’m just going out to plan a surprise. For you.”

Over her shoulder, she watched a delighted smile spread across his gorgeous face.

“A surprise? Is it that sexual adventure you promised?”

His lips brushed against her shoulder, and she was half tempted to coax him into the very inviting bed. But if she did that, she would have to delay her plans a day. Or, knowing Brian’s insatiable sexual appetite, two or three days.

“It might be. You’ll have to wait and see. Are we going out for dinner tonight or staying in?”

His hands slid around her body to her belly, and the brush of his lips became a seeking caress up the side of her neck. “I don’t think I can keep my hands off you long enough to behave properly in public.”

She was feeling the same way.

“Order room service while I’m out,” she said as she forced herself to step out of his embrace.

He trailed her to the door, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was entirely naked and partially aroused. It wasn’t something she could so easily ignore. She paused with her fingertips on the door handle and took a deep breath, trying to cool her ardor enough to face some stranger at the concierge desk.

“Change your mind about going out?” Brian said with a knowing smirk.

She wished she could get angry with him for being so damned distracting, but how could she possibly ignore the man when he was naked and half—make that entirely—hard in his ceaseless desire for her?

“One for the road,” she said breathlessly.

She collided with his hard body, her mouth seeking his as she drew him toward the kitchen. She gasped when he lifted her skirt and planted her warm butt on the cold surface of the countertop. And then he was inside her, filling her as only he could, claiming her in a frenzy of excitement and desire and lust until she shuddered with release and he followed her over the edge. Still buried deep inside her, he captured her face between his palms and kissed her long and deep. When he drew away, her eyes blinked open slowly and if she hadn’t already been boneless with satisfaction, she would have melted on the spot from the intensity of his loving gaze.

“I love you, Mrs. Sinclair.”

“I love you, Mr. Sinclair.”

“Do you think you’ve had enough of me to leave now?” he asked, his eyebrows lifting.

“I’ll never have enough of you.”

He grinned and stroked her hair. “Right answer.”

His smile faded slowly as he stared into her eyes and then leaned in to capture her lips with his. She got caught up in his kiss and in the warmth of his flesh beneath her palms.

She tugged her mouth free of his and rested her forehead against his shoulder. “I do need to go talk to the damned concierge.”

“I don’t need a surprise,” he said. “Just being here with you is enough.”

Enough wasn’t what she was going for. She wanted to blow his mind and make his heart throb the way hers did whenever he opened his mouth. She hoped this concierge person was better at planning romance than she was. She needed her very own Cyrano de Bergerac under the balcony to tell her how to properly woo her husband. After a quick cleanup in the bathroom and opting to wear panties after all, she left the suite and hurried down to the lobby in search of romance assistance. She really envied women who were naturals at this kind of thing. It wasn’t easy for her to admit that she utterly sucked at it.

Luckily, the concierge just happened to be one of those naturals Myrna envied.

“I usually help men plan these sorts of things,” the middle-aged blonde said as she patted Myrna’s hand.

Myrna laughed. “My husband needs no help in the romance department. He always has his head in the clouds. But I want to be the romantic one for a change. With your help, of course.” She couldn’t believe she was actually flushing, but it was a bit embarrassing to admit to a perfect stranger that she didn’t have a romantic bone in her body.

“So what kinds of things does he like?”

The woman had an accent Myrna couldn’t quite place. Dutch, maybe?

“He loves the beach. And beer.”

“You’re in the penthouse, correct?”

Myrna nodded.

“You have access to a beach palapa. It comes automatically reserved with your room.”

“A palapa? What’s that?”

“It’s a bed on the beach surrounded on three sides by curtains and open to a spectacular view of the water.”

Myrna already had all sorts of erotic images racing through her head. “Oh, he’ll love that.”

“How about brunch on the beach? We’ll have room service bring your meal to the palapa.”

“That sounds wonderful. With beer for Brian?”

The woman’s pale blue eyes widened. “For brunch?”

“You underestimate how much my husband loves beer.”

“Perhaps you’d like to visit Balashi Brewery.” She started searching through brochures.

“Is it romantic there?” Myrna asked.

The woman chuckled. “Is beer ever romantic?”

How the hell should she know?

“We’ll save the brewery for another day. So . . . brunch in the palapa covers a few hours of romance in the morning. What else do you have?” Myrna asked, reaching for a stack of brochures.

The woman—whose name was Sharon according to her bronze nametag—insisted that parasailing wasn’t romantic, though it was fun, so Myrna kept that brochure with her brewery one for something to try later in the week. She settled on horseback riding on the beach and a private dinner cruise followed by a stroll to a lighthouse to watch the sunset. A perfectly romantic day for her perfectly romantic husband. Game plan in place, Myrna shook Sharon’s hand.

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