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Take Me to Paradise (Sinners on Tour #6.1)(6)
Author: Olivia Cunning

“Do you liked to be fucked like this?” he growled into her ear.

“God, yes,” she whispered. “I like to be fucked any way you give it to me.”

“You drive me insane,” he said, rotating his hips to make her groan with bliss.

“I’m sorry.” Her insatiable lust had been one of the failings that had driven her first husband away.

He chuckled. “You’re sorry?”

“I can’t control my urges. I try… I just can’t.”

He released her wrists so he could bury his hands in her hair and tug her head back. Her gaze settled on his intense brown eyes.

“Don’t ever change, Myrna. You hear me?” He jerked her hair to make sure he had her attention. “Not ever. I happen to get off on every last one of your urges.”

Heart soaring, she smiled and wrapped her arms and legs around him. He held her against the door for leverage and slowed his strokes to take her deeper. God, yes, Brian, deeper. Deeper.

He ground his pelvis against her each time his balls bounced against her ass, rubbing her clit until she had no choice but to explode in bliss. She kissed him desperately as she came; she needed the diversion to occupy her mouth so she didn’t scream her pleasure out to an airplane of unsuspecting passengers. He shuddered against her as he pumped his hips one last time and clung to her ass with bruising fingers as he filled her with his seed.

And hopefully a baby.

She smiled at the thought and snuggled her face against his neck, loving him more with every breath.

A knock on the door echoed in the small space. Myrna started, having lost sight of where they were locked in a lovers’ embrace.

“Everything okay in there?” the flight attendant called in a worried voice.

“I’m feeling much better now,” Brian answered. “Thanks! I’ll be out in a minute.”

Myrna stifled a giggle against his shoulder and hugged him fiercely with both arms and legs.

“How jealous would Sed be if I knocked you up on a commercial flight to Aruba?” Brian said.

Myrna got tickled at the thought of Brian and Sed competing for the best place to knock up their women. She was sure Sed would try to one-up Brian, and there was no telling where he’d fuck Jessica to win accolades.

“Please don’t bet him,” she said between giggles. “Should you lose, I’m not sure I could stand having to look at another nauseatingly adorable tattoo on your ass.”

“I thought you were fond of Fluffy and Precious,” Brian teased, using the pet names Myrna had given to the calico kitten and unicorn he sported on his ass thanks to the bet he’d lost to one obnoxious drummer—aka Mr. Eric Sticks.

Myrna stretched her arm out to squeeze his ass. “I don’t mind them one bit as long as I don’t have to look at them.”

“So you don’t want to install a mirror over our bed to watch my ass as I pump into you?”

She shuddered in mock revulsion. “Only if you want me to laugh at you the entire time.”

“I think that would be a little hard on my ego.”

“And my ability to come.”

“I could get it removed or covered with something less horrible.” He pulled out of her slowly and waited for her to lower her feet to the floor before releasing her.

“A bet’s a bet,” she said with a sigh, checking out the tattoo in question and shaking her head at the adorable kitten riding a unicorn, a brilliantly colorful rainbow in the background. “You really need to get revenge on Eric for designing that monstrosity.”

“What about Jace?” Brian said, washing his hands and cock in the tiny sink.

“You know he wouldn’t have chosen something that abhorrent on his own.”

“I’m not so sure.” Brian pulled up his pants, covering the topic of their conversation under denim. “Jace may be quiet, but he’s not as sweet and innocent as he pretends to be.”

Myrna cleaned up as best she could with toilet paper and a wet paper towel, thinking men had it so much easier in such situations. She wriggled into her panties, bumping into Brian several times in the small confines of the bathroom. When she was semi-decent again, Brian wrapped the blanket around her shoulders and used it to tug her toward him for a tender kiss.

“I love you, Mrs. Sinclair.”

“I love you too.”

“Do you think everyone on the plane knows why we’re in here together?”

She pursed her lips and nodded. “Pretty much.”

“Are you embarrassed?”

She smiled and shook her head. “Blessed.”

“We’ll see if you still feel that way after our walk of shame.”

“Except I’m not ashamed. Not at all.” Jeremy had made her feel shame for her sex drive, but she wouldn’t allow herself to feel that way ever again. She smiled at her second husband, who was definitely the better one—no contest. “Welcome to the mile-high club, baby.”

“I’m glad I waited to join it with you.” He grinned at her, pecked her on the tip of her nose, and then opened the door.

The guy standing at the front of the line lifted an eyebrow at them, but didn’t say anything. Myrna walked back to their seats, her arm behind her so she could hold Brian’s hand as he followed. Most people averted their eyes, but the overzealous fan who had been behind them in line in the terminal lifted a hand to give Brian a high five.

“Get some,” Kev said, and his soon-to-be-wife tittered with a round of giggles.

Myrna was glad when Brian didn’t high-five him or comment but kept right on walking. He released Myrna’s hand when they reached their seats, and she slid in to sit by the window.

When Brian sat beside her, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her against his side for his customary round of after-sex cuddling. He was far more affectionate than she was, but she no longer tried to fight his attention. In fact, she liked his tenderness more each day. Nights without him while he was on the road were so lonely that she sometimes cuddled with her pillow and pretended it was him. Unfortunately, pillows didn’t hug back. She settled in next to him as close as possible and breathed in his intoxicating scent.

“I hope you’re thinking about what you want to do for your adventure,” Brian said, rubbing his cheek against her hair. “Because it’s going to be hard to top that one.”

She laughed and gave him a squeeze. “I’m sure I’ll come up with something you’ll never forget.”

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