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Take Me to Paradise (Sinners on Tour #6.1)(7)
Author: Olivia Cunning

But she was all talk. She had no idea how she was supposed to figure out something more mind-blowing than what they’d just experienced.

Chapter Four

Inside their penthouse suite, Brian dropped his keycard on the kitchen counter and rushed to the glass door that led to the balcony. The cerulean ocean stretched before him until the water met the horizon and blended into an all-encompassing swath of blue. Below him¸ tall palm trees swayed in the strong onshore breeze and a few beachgoers dotted the white sand and walked in the rolling waves of the surf.

“What an amazing view,” he said, awed. He’d always loved the ocean and had been partial to his native Southern Californian beaches. Until now.

“I’ll say,” Myrna said.

When he glanced over his shoulder at her, she wasn’t looking at the beach at all.

“Are you staring at my ass?”

“At the moment, yes, but the entire package looks amazing to me.”

“I’ll give you the entire package,” he said, taking her by the wrist and tugging her into his arms so he could kiss her deeply.

“Please do,” she murmured against his lips.

“You sure you can handle it all?”

She turned him around and slowly walked him backward until his calves bumped into something solid. Next thing he knew, his shorts were around his ankles and he was seated on a comfortable patio sofa. Myrna sank to her knees in front of him and used both hands on his thighs to spread his legs. Eyes focused on his, she grasped his shaft in one hand.

“Let me know when you think I’ve handled it all,” she said, her soft pink lips twisted in a wry grin.

She used one hand to gently massage his balls. The other stroked his length with a tantalizing touch that merely skimmed the surface of his skin—and instantly had him squirming with excitement. The entire time she handled him, she held his gaze locked with hers. He couldn’t look away, even though the gorgeous ocean served as a spectacular backdrop to his beautiful wife.

“Use your mouth.” He’d meant it as a demand, but the words came out as a plea.

“You implied I couldn’t handle it all,” she said. “You said nothing about my mouth. Besides, I know I can’t get the whole thing in my mouth without dislocating my jaw and taking years of sword-swallowing lessons.”

He grabbed his shaft in one hand. “Swords wished they were this thick,” he teased.

“Oh, I beg your pardon,” she said, most seriously. “Sequoia-swallowing lessons, then.”

He chuckled and released his grip on his dick to stroke a silky lock of hair from her cheek. He traced her upper lip with his thumb. “You don’t have to take it all. Just the most sensitive part.”

“How thoughtful of you.”

“I always have your best interests at heart.”

“Then why am I the one on my knees?” she challenged.

He’d happily reciprocate with his mouth on her most sensitive part, but she’d started this. “Because you love me.”

“Are you a lucky guy or what?”

“The luckiest,” he said and then groaned when she lowered her head to tease his nuts with her clever tongue.

He squirmed when her breath blew gently against the wetness she’d left behind.

“I hope you’re ready to make a beautiful baby, little guys,” she said to his balls.

“Little guys?”

“I was talking to your sperm.”

Brian snorted and tugged her from her knees, encouraging her to straddle his lap. “They’re ready,” he assured her.

Buried inside her, lost in the bliss her body always gave to his, Brian wasn’t sure what prompted him to open his eyes. But what he saw just above the balcony railing near the wall made his blood boil. Myrna grunted in protest as he lifted her from his lap and tossed her none too gently on the sofa before jumping to his feet and making a mad dash for the railing. In his haste he stumbled over the shorts around his ankles. An instant before he grabbed the smartphone attached to one of those selfie poles, it disappeared around the wall between their balcony and the one next to theirs. Brian jerked his shorts up and climbed the rail, intent on claiming the piece of equipment that had completely violated his and Myrna’s privacy.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Myrna yelled, grabbing the back of his shorts to pull him back onto their balcony before he could climb to the neighboring one.

“Someone was watching us—or more likely recording us—with their goddamned cellphone.” He shoved her hands aside and climbed the stone railing again.

“Then go around and knock on their door. You’re going to kill yourself!”

He glanced down the near-fifty feet between his head and the ground and slipped back off the railing and onto the balcony. He was so pissed, he wasn’t thinking clearly. Lucky for him his wife was more rational than he tended to be.

“Someone is about to get their ass kicked,” he said and rushed through the suite to the exit. Once in the hall, he banged on the neighboring door and waited for a response. What if no one answered? Then what?

Then he would take it up with the hotel manager.

“Open the fucking door!” he bellowed. “I know you’re in there.” He pounded again, going so far as to jiggle the handle.

He was surprised when it turned in his hand and the door eased open.

“Will you look who it is, Gail? I told you it was him out on the balcony getting him some more, didn’t I?”

The fan from the airport? No fucking way.

“Give me your cellphone,” Brian demanded, extending a hand in the guy’s direction. “Now!”

“Hey, if you want me to have your number that badly…”

Brian jerked the device from the man’s hand and checked his photo stream for videos or pictures of himself and Myrna. He discovered a lot of video footage of various rock concerts, but no sex videos.

“I’ll need to see your girlfriend’s phone too,” Brian said, checking through the videos one last time in case he’d somehow missed one of Myrna pleasuring him with her hands and mouth, or riding his cock on the patio sofa. But nope, nothing.

“Normally I wouldn’t let a guy hit on my girl,” Kev said, “but I’d let you bang her on our wedding night.”

And why would Brian want to do that when he was already married to his perfect woman? His perfect woman touched his arm and stood on tiptoes to peer around his shoulder.

“Well?” Myrna asked.

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